City Carrier Assistants by President Branch 214 Lili Beaumont

The Postal Service is accepting applications for City
Carrier Assistants (CCAs). The postings are by city
wherever there is a need for city carriers. If you know
of anyone searching for a job, you may encourage them
to apply. All applicants must apply online at http://www.usps.
com. Paper applications will not be accepted. City Carrier
Assistant is the new craft which will replace Transitional
Employees effective April 10, 2013 as per the Das arbitration award for our new contract. The approximate salary range for CCA jobs is $15 per hour. The CCA receive
lay off” clause; the Postal Service fought hard to eliminate it. The Postal Service fought to contract out letter
carrier jobs; the NALC was able to retain the same ban on
subcontracting as in the 2006-2011 National Agreement.
The NALC argued that TE’s had no rights to reappointment, and no opportunity for a career work path. Postal
Service wanted elimination and concessions of all.
While the NALC fought hard to ensure concessions
were not made, Arbitrator Das awarded the Postal Service
with a lower entry wage for the newly created City Carrier Assistant (CCA). This is not what the NALC wanted,
but it is what was awarded. However the CCA’s now have
a pathway to become full time regular employees unlike
the former classification of Transitional Employees.
These are the highlights of the 2011-2016 National
Creation of the City Carrier Assistants (CCA).
• CCA’s are hired for 360 with a break of 5 days.
• CCA’s now have a path to career appointments as
Full Time Regulars.
• CCA’s date of hire will be used for “relative standing” (seniority) for purposes of opting and promotion into a Full Time Regular position.
• CCA’s will have opting rights.
• CCA’s will be provided uniform allowances just as
a career employee.
• Former Transitional employees who have been converted to CCA’s will have time spent as TE’s (from
2007) credited for purposes of relative standing.
• No two-tier work force. (While the NALC was
extremely disappointed in the lower entry wage for
the CCA’s, they achieved a career path to full time
status for them. The only way one could become a
career employee is conversion from a CCA.)
• Retention of the existing no lay off provisions.
• All PTF’s will be converted to full time status over
the term of this contract.
• The employer will staff 1 FTR letter Carrier on each
limited benefits which include raises, paid vacation days,
and access to health insurance as required by law or after
the first 360-day term, whichever comes first. The CCA
may also become career employees whenever there is a
need, and are also eligible to pay into a retirement plan.
Please visit for more information on
the application process. It’s a good idea to apply to any
vacancy posted and get scheduled to take the 473 Battery
Test. Once in the system and called for an interview, the
applicant can announce which post office he/she prefers
to be assigned.